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“No one has ever become poor by giving.” – Anne Frank

Money is obviously not the answer for every problem. But there are many situations that can be positively affected by even small amounts of money. So when, in times of economic distress, charitable giving drops precipitously…it can hit very hard, at a time of particular need. But, since necessity is the mother of invention…crisis brings forth new ideas. Such is the case with “click to give” web sites…which allow those who are particularly interested in the plight of the poor to continue to find a way to “give”, even when their personal budgets may be very tight. Two sites are more well-established than most in the click-to-give genre. These two allow you to give to many causes each while on the same site. If you can only spare the time to visit a couple of sites a day, these are the two we’d recommend:

The Hunger Site – From this single site, you can not only fight world hunger and breast cancer, but also promote literacy, children’s health, animal rescue and the rain forest…literally, in a matter of seconds. Because of its breadth and longevity, this one deserves special notice. It’s part of the GreaterGood Network and provides a great deal of info about the causes they support.

Care 2 – This opportunity also allows visitors to click several times to support many causes without leaving the site: stop global warming, preserve the world’s dwindling rain forests, save baby harp seals, save the oceans, protect big cats and primates, helping children in need, help stop pet neglect, prevent violence against women and end breast cancer.

Please make it a personal daily priority to visit at least these two sites and click on their links and peruse the ads from their partners. Isn’t this the very least you can do? And if you’re of a mind to do a little more…make a game of it!

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Thanks for thinking about it!